Bmbets Sure Bet Software: Review, user feedback, free features, user test

At first glance, Bmbets seems to be a treasure trove for a beginner capper, as it provides absolutely free information about sure bets.

This should obviously make the website attractive for a huge audience. However, everything is not as good as it seems — you will see why later.

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Basic Information

Official Website:
Year Founded: 2010
Number of Bookmakers: 76
Number of Sports: 10
Supported Languages: Russian, English
Analytical Functionality: Odds comparison, prematch sure bets, value bets, bookmaker ratings, bookmaker deals

The Introduction to Bmbets Software

As you already know, BmBets’ biggest asset is its free scanner. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so let us look at the pitfalls you will need to avoid when working with this resource.

Here is what the homepage looks like:

Bmbets com

A quick glance at the website makes you wonder if things are not going well for it, and if it is being maintained at all.

This idea is suggested by the fact that 3 different sections on the site show 3 different numbers of analyzed bookmakers (70 — in the description field, 51 — in the ‘Statistics’ section, and 63+ — in the ‘About Us’ section).

The same applies to sports whose number is indicated as first 15+, then 22, and if you count them for yourself, it is 28!

To say nothing of the fact that the year 2017 has long been the thing of the past.

Bmbets year

Note also the illogical menu hierarchy — the links to the homepage and the mobile version are hidden in the ‘Bet Comparison’ tab.

Bmbets menu

If that has not yet scared you away, let us see now what Bmbets can do!

Bmbets Mirrors

Here we were supposed to tell you of a couple of working domain mirrors but alas, the resource developers have not bothered to make them.

In fact, the site does have a mirror on a subdomain, but that’s another story which will be covered later.

What Bmbets Can Do

To see what the service can do, you need to first sign up at the site. The procedure takes a couple of minutes. The only settings you will be able to configure is your personal information and the choice of the bookmakers you would like to be updated on.

Bmbets register and settings

And now let focus on the object of our interest:

Bet Comparison

— Matches. The section displays the best odds offered by the analyzed bookmakers. Clicking on the event allows you to see the whole layout.

Bmbets matches

— Mobile. Here we find the description of the mobile version accessible via the link

An attempt to follow the link has proved to be fruitless.

Obviously, you should not expect to use the mobile version of the site.

Sure Bets

The same-name section contains information on prematch sure bets. The accuracy of the info, however, is subject to many questions. At the time of writing, the most questionable was the data from the OddsRing portal which Bmbets quite often referred to in their analysis. This data never matched the reality!

Bmbets surebet

You might attribute it to the scanning process taking too long but, as you can see from the screenshot, after 10 minutes, the situation remained the same.

Back Lay

The software allows analyzing bets against an event, not only on it. In 95% cases, lay bets are made via Betfair bookmaker, which is one of few betting market players who offer this possibility.

Bmbets Back lay

How does that work, you may ask? Well, the answer is, it does not work at all!

As you can see from the example, Bmbets suggests betting on total under 3.5 in the Anzhi — Ufa match, and Betfair line is displayed correctly: they really accept lay bets at odds of 1.18 with a 127-euro limit.

The only problem is that neither OddsRing, nor LeonBets (which was offered for a similar sure bet before OddsRing) did not accept bets on total under 3.5 in the match!

Moreover, this could not be just a mistake, as the match line did not contain 1.96 odds at all. And besides, what kind of bookmakers in their right mind would offer 1.96 odds for a total under 3.5 in a match where the teams had scored a total of 20 goals in 15 tournaments?

Value Bets

For those who do not know what value betting is, we have prepared the following material: Value betting. The Theory of Losing to a Bookmaker.

For the rest of you, we will note that the algorithm of choosing value bets remains a riddle wrapped inside an enigma, so we do not know how the events displayed in the section are chosen.

Consider this value bet, for example.

Bmbets valuebet

On this same site we see bookies with bigger odds for the event.

Bmbets Value bets


The calculator is either auto-filled for every sure bet, or you can enter the data from the sure bets subsection yourself, if you need to make your own calculations.

Bmbets calculator

The calculator allows calulating bookmaker margin, convert currencies, distribute risks, etc. — nothing brand new, all the basic things.


Bookmakers are rated based on several criteria. The rating is, however, of small value, despite the attempt to introduce a user rating feature (the USR column) which, obviously, has never been used.

Bmbets bookmakers


The ‘Bonuses’ section includes by far not all bookmakers, while the information itself is not up-to-date.

Dev bmbets

When we said the website did not have a working mirror, we were not entirely forthcoming. In fact, there is the website you can freely access. The site is obviously a rebranding of Bmbets and is developed by its old team.

Dev bmbets


The content of is fully copied from the old site — it only differs from it visually.

Similar Websites

For those who wish to get free access to similar content, may look at the sites listed in the sure bets rating. Some of them are subjectively better.

User Reviews

Since the service has been dying of late, there are not many recent reviews on it. However, you can still find something:

Bmbets feedback

In fairness, there are good reviews, too:

Bmbets comment

The Pros and Cons of Bmbets

Here are some Bmbets’ pros we can think of:

  • It is free;
  • A wide choice of bookmakers, sports and outcomes may be considered as a relative plus;
  • User friendly interface.

Now let is enlist the cons, which, unlike with pros, is easy to do:

  • The service is not properly maintained and seems abandoned;
  • Awful site moderation;
  • Wrong bookmaker data;
  • The mobile version does not work;
  • No live sure bets are displayed;
  • No additional content is provided.


Apparently, Bmbets has already had its day, which is no news even for its own developers. Since the resource is free, it can still be of use to some players, but if we talk about a ‘big game’, the service is absolutely useless, and has many better analogs, including free ones.

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